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AL Study Guide Chem Ed H2.2
ISBN 978-981-09-8375-8
A-Level Study Guide - Chemistry (Higher 2) - Ed H2.2

[ Edition H2.2 is equivalently Edition 4.0 ]
[ For the revised Higher 2 (H2) syllabus with first exam in 2017.]

This book gives concise illustrated notes and worked examples. It is intended as a study guide for readers who have studied the O-Level Chemistry or the equivalent. It contains material that most readers should want to take note of when attending formal lessons and/or discussions on the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Higher 2 (H2) Chemistry.
[As the Higher 1 (H1) Chemistry syllabus is a subset of the H2 Chemistry syllabus, this book is also suitable for readers studying Chemistry at the H1 level.]

The concise notes cover essential steps to understand the relevant theories.
The illustrations and worked examples show essential workings to apply those theories.
We believe the notes and illustrations will help readers learn to learn and apply the relevant knowledge.

The book should help readers study and prepare for their exams. Relevant feedbacks from Examiner Reports, reflecting what the examiners expected, are incorporated into the notes and illustrations where possible, or appended as notes (NB) where appropriate.
It is also a suitable aid for teaching and revision.

The book is also available as a paid ebook on Google Play / Google Books.
Sample pages are available for preview via the ebook web pages.

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