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AL Practice MCQ Phys (H2)
ISBN 978-981-11-0767-2
A-Level Practice MCQ - Physics (Higher 2) - Ed H2.2

[ Edition H2.2 is equivalently Edition 3.0 ]
[ For the revised Higher 2 (H2) syllabus with first exam in 2017.]

This book contains typical MCQ for readers to practise with.
It provides concise suggested solutions to illustrate the essential steps taken to apply the relevant theories, and how the suggested answers are obtained.
We believe the suggested solutions will help readers learn to learn and apply the relevant knowledge.

The questions and suggested solutions are organised by topics to facilitate referring to them as the topics are being discussed.

The book is also available as a paid ebook on Google Play / Google Books.
Sample pages are available for preview via the ebook web pages.

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