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Frequently Asked Questions
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What syllabus(es) do your books cover?

Are your books current and in stock?

Do your books contain Examiner Reports?

What are the differences between your A-Level Study Guides and your Advanced Study Guides?

Are your books suitable for the equivalent CIE A / AS Levels?

Are your books useful for H1 Chemistry / H1 Physics?

Where can I find your books?

Are your books distributed outside Singapore?

Are your books available in electronic / digital media?

How do I buy your books in electronic / digital media?

Can your ebooks be read offline / with no internet connection?

Can your ebooks be printed?

Why are the page numbers on the ebooks not the same as those in the 'Table of Contents' of Google Play Books?

Can you supply pdf versions of your (e)books?

What can I do if there are printing defect(s) in the book(s) I bought?

Are there solutions in your A-Level Practice / Challenging Questions / MCQ?

Why are there dots in front of some of the suggested solutions?

What are the numbers in brackets [ ] at the end of a question in your A-Level Practice / Challenging Questions?

Which edition is the latest? Edition 3.0 or H2.2?

What are the differences between edition H2.2 and the previous edition?

Are the previous editions relevant for exams from 2017?

Why are some "A-Level Practice Questions Chemistry (Higher 2) Ed 1.0" labelled with "$21.95 (incl. GST)"?

Do you publish books on Biology?

Do you (still) provide suggested solutions online?

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